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Whether products are required every few seconds or in thousands per minute we have engineers with experience to configure robust production equipment. We can develop all new equipment concepts. We can carry out build-to-print using our extensive supply chain. We can modify existing equipment for a new application, or to enhance operational efficiency.

We can assist with practically any scale of manufacture. For low volume manufacture (often associated with marketing or clinical samples) we can configure "mandraulic" systems. Operators are used to load components and act as the prime mover for low speed, low cost, and fast delivered tooling to manufacture products. Our hand load semi-auto systems provide fully automatic assembly with manual infeeds. We can also configure fully automatic systems.

Our multi-national clients often have a fleet of existing equipment from a major equipment vendor focused on their industry. It is typical for such machinery companies to lack the flexibility of 3P to develop novel equipment quickly and inexpensively. We are accustomed to working with multi-national equipment vendors to deliver our clients a solution based on modifications to their preferred equipment.

"3Pinnovation for all your Product, Process and Production innovation".




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