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In addition to our custom solutions we also have a range of standard equipment. All our standard equipment enables rapid launch of products via "process understanding" or "scaleable" solutions. We have written a white paper available in our downloads section: this paper demonstrates how our approach can save significant time and money during the development of a medical device.

The pharmaceutical sector has benefited from our range of laboratory scale powder fillers. Our laboratory units are true "science of scale" tools. Our engineers have worked on a wide range of commercial scale equipment which is invaluable in designing scale appropriate tools. Our clients can assure regulatory authorities that running at 10% scale is not essential because the science of scale is understood. Used by some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, these small footprint devices are ideal for use in a formulation laboratory. They aid rapid production of clinical samples by filling powder into capsules, blisters and devices. They also act as formulation screening tools by checking that a formulation is capable of running on a commercial machine without the need for large amounts of formulation or access to the commercial system. The built in instrumentation ensures process understanding is developed from pre-clinical and beyond. This philosophy has led to Fill2Weight.. the most flexible powder dispensing system: Fill2Weight can be used for clinical and commercial powder filling and has found applications in a surprisingly wide range of industries.

We have added significant value to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Medical Device Sectors who have benefited from our instrumented low speed assembly systems. Production assembly systems are mimiced during marketing and clinical sample production in a cost effective manner: lost production for trial runs is minimised: costly late phase change is avoided as any product design for manufacture issues are identified early in the new product development lifecycle.




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