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Welcome to the home of www.realtimerelease.com owned by 3P innovation Ltd.

The Pharmaceutical industry has until recently "tested-in" quality. Whilst most other industries moved to continuous production, quality by design and lean principles, the regulatory framework for pharmaceutical manufacture led to significant cost of goods through outmoded production methods. This is all changing and 3P are embracing this change!

Pharmaceutical companies can now carry out "real time release" if quality is "built-in". This process follows good traditional engineering principles backed by sound science and statistical rigour. 3P are assisting multinational clients to develop real time release strategies for existing products and also during clinical sample production.

It is estimated that 24% of the pharmaceutical industry's revenue is associated with manufacturing costs, with typically 2 -3 inventory turns per annum and quality levels at circa 2.5sigma. It is estimated that real time release can save big pharma around 10% of sales. Contact 3P Innovation to understand how we can help to significantly reduce your cost of goods with:-

  • Real Time Release Strategies for legacy products and clinical sample production
  • Quality by Design and the development of coherent tolerances and design space
  • Process Analytical Technology Implementation
  • Continuous Quality Verification
  • Continuous processing strategies for high volume products


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