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  3P invest in 3D

For many years 3P have been using agencies to provide rapid turnaround on 3D printed parts. Meanwhile many of our engineers have built, and in some cases designed and built their own hobby machines. There has always been a healthy interest in this exciting technology at 3P. The technology has matured significantly over the last few years to the point where 3P decided to invest in an in-house professional machine. An extensive review of the market against our many and varied needs was carried out. The Objet30 Pro was selected and installed early in 2017.

The Objet30 Pro provides a number of unique capabilities in one machine: the industry’s highest level of print resolution and many different 3D printing materials. It has 28 micron layer resolution, 600 dpi build resolution in the X and Y axis and 900 dpi build resolution in the Z-axis. It gives the business the ability to print in a wide variety of colours including transparent. There are "high temperature" materials available, polypropylene-like materials, rubber-like materials and a medical grade suitable for prolonged use against the skin.

Since its installation we have been pleased to see it in almost constant use. The ability to test and trial physical models within a day of idea generation has transformed the way we develop our automation processes. Most days we are running two full beds from this now essential piece of equipment.

The printer can make a huge range of parts in many different materials

The Objet 30Pro



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