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3P attend Powder Characterisation Conference (June 2017)


Freeman Technology, the powder characterisation specialists, and Surface Measurement Systems, hosted a ‘Powder Characterisation Workshop’ on the 18th of May 2017 at Imperial College London.

The event introduced delegates to powder rheology and surface energy measurements. The workshop included presentations by Jamie Clayton, Operations Director at Freeman Technology, who provided an introduction to understanding powder flow and powder behaviour, and Dr Daryl Williams, Founder of Surface Measurement Systems, discussed the surface energy of powders and powder performance.

Real world experiences were also presented by two of 3P's clients Jordan Cheyne, Manager - Materials Characterisation Team at Pfizer Sandwich and Iain Davidson, Manager - Physical Properties at Vectura.

All in all a fascinating day for anyone interested in powder and its dynamic physical properties.


Freeman Technology specialises in systems for measuring the flow properties of powders and has over 15 years’ experience in powder flow and powder characterisation.

The company invests significantly in R&D and applications development, and provides comprehensive support alongside its range of products.

Expert teams guide and support users around the world in addressing their individual powder challenges, focusing on delivering the most relevant information for the process.

The result is world-leading solutions that underpin process and product understanding, accelerate R&D and formulation towards successful commercialisation, and support the long term optimisation of powder processes.


Surface Measurement Systems develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for physicochemical characterisation of complex solids. We are the world leaders in Dynamic Vapor Sorption technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography instrumentation and solutions, providing professional world-class scientific and technical support for our international customers. By carefully controlling, measuring and analysing the physico-chemical interaction of vapors with solid samples such as powders, fibres and films. Surface Measurement Systems can help solve problems in research and development,
such as stability studies and drying performance, through to manufacturing and quality control.

The company’s range of characterization instruments and scientific/engineering techniques has helped solve difficult problems in the pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, polymers catalysts, chemical, cosmetics and food industries, and are used by hundreds of leading laboratories and universities throughout the world.




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