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Our Control System engineers have significant experience interfacing equipment with different technologies and also with legacy systems:

  • Serial protocols (RS232/RS422/RS485)
  • ETHERNET and POE down to packet level
  • Wireless networks
  • Remote Access allowing us to help you resolve issues rapidly

For servo-systems and other control systems our Control engineers have considerable experience in:

  • Conventional PID, feedforward and feedback control
  • Advanced control techniques for obtaining high-performance from drives
  • Registration and tension-control, including non-linear control algorithms
  • Mixing indexed and continuous drive motions
  • Product quality detection, tracking and selective rejection
  • Production statistics, and transfer to Factory Systems.

For image processing, our multidisciplinary approach is very important:

  • The design of lighting and optics is an essential element
  • Good repeatability of the mechanical presentation of parts to be inspected can greatly simplify the process
  • A good image allows the image processing software to be fully exploited
  • This information can then be got back to the Control System in a timely manner



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