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  • At 3P develop torque and force test machines

    Medical device test machine

  • A selection of machines from 3P innovation

    A machinery montage

  • 3P produce laser coding solutions

    A small laser coder

  • At 3P build semi-automatic medical assembly machinery

    Medical device assembly

  • At 3P we integrate Raman laser spectrometry for API assay determination for Drug Eluting elastomers

    Raman Pharma Assay

  • At 3P we build medical device assembly machinery

    Clinical sample assembly machine

  • At 3P build capsule fillers for pharmaceutical powders

    A capsule powder filler

  • At 3P we build manual assembly jigs

    Manual assembly jig

  • A machine from 3P with an integrated robot

    Robotic Medical Device Assembly

  • At 3P build manual assembly fixtures

    Manual Assembly Fixtures

  • At line test machinery from 3P

    Medical End of line tester

  • Laser and machine vision from 3P innovation

    A laser coding & vision machine

  • At 3P we build semi-automatic machinery including cuting systems

    A medical semi-auto cutter

  • At 3P develop complex sesning systems

    A range of sensing systems

  • 3P build medical assembly equipment

    Medical device assembly


We are a technology developer and system integrator associated with new product developments. Our work, in particular any product development, is usually of a highly confidential nature. The images above provide a glimpse of the wide range of machinery and technologies we have built. We always add significant value to our client's new product introduction and automation projects.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your new product development or assembly machinery project. New customers are always surprised by the breadth and depth of technologies we understand.




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