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Why 3P?
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Why3P? >> Production Innovation

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Mechanical Engineering Services
Electrical Engineering Services
Software Engineering Services
Control System Engineering
Project management Support
Ideation and Creativity Workshops

Fill2Weight Powder Dispensing
Dosator Powder Dispensing
Disk Dosator Powder Dispensing
Platen Vacuum Dosator Powder Dispensing
PF4 powder screw feeder

Real Time Release Support
Web Handling and forming Expertise
Cutting and Sealing Expertise
Robotics and Servo motors
Vision Systems and advanced sensors
Process Analytical Technology - PAT

Test and Inspection Equipment
Production Machinery
Retrofits and Build to Print
Validation, Gamp and 21CFR11
Intellectual Property Management Support

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www.realtimerelease.com www.dosator.com

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